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What types of yarns do you use in your patterns?
I love your products but don't know how to crochet myself.  Are any
of your items available for purchase?
The specific animal I want is not here.  Will you do custom orders?
How do i make a (single, half double, double, etc.) crochet stitch?  Do
you know any good places to learn how to get started crocheting?
If any of your questions are not answered below or you would like further clarification
on anything, please
Contact Us
Most of my patterns are made with Lion Brand yarn.  You can visit their website here.  
I use Lion Brand mostly because they seem to have a variety of yarns that fit well with
the projects that I make and it's available in most craft stores.  However, you can
substitute any of my yarns for a similar weighted yarn of your choice.
Do you accept any other forms of payment?
I am sorry but I only accept PayPal at this time.  PayPal is the safe and easy way to
make purchases online.  Your personal information is totally secure and the checkout
process is quick and easy.  For more information about PayPal, please click
Yes.  I can create any of the products I have listed patterns for by request.  If you are
interested in one of my animals or other items found on this site, please contact me
here.  I will get back to you regarding price and deliverability as soon as possible
(usually by next day).
Yes I will.  I can create any of the products I have listed pattens for or I can create an
entirely new animal for you.  If you are interested,  please contact me
here and I will
get back to you regarding price and deliverability of your request. (usually by next
In time, I will be adding video tutorials to help explain the stitches used in my patterns
but they are all very basic and you can get started right now by visiting my
Help Tutorials section.  Of course, if you have any additional questions, please feel
free to contact me and I will be happy to assist you.
How long will it take for one of your animals to ship?
Everything on my site will be made on a per order basis.  The amount of time it takes
to create each animals depends on several variables including the number of orders I
have already taken at the time of your order.  I give everyone the standard 3 week
delivery time just to cover myself but the reality is you will get it much sooner.  If you
want an update regarding the timeline of your order, please feel free to contact me