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Have you purchased one of our patterns?  Have you put your own unique twist on it?  
Would you like the world to see your handy work? Send us a picture of the completed
project that you made and we'll post it here for all to see.
Thanks for sharing!
Dolphins from Huggable Crochet
made by: Linda J. Bermudez
Beagle made by: Stephanie Helgeson
Flora The Macaw and Sly The Snake From Huggable Crochet by:
Adrian Linsangan
Mini Horse made by Odessa S. Alfano.  Odessa used my Mini
Horse pattern and changed it a bit to create a Friesian Horse.
Kimmee13 made Seymour from Huggable Crochet for her niece
for Christmas 2012.
LavenderAndLace made this Westie for charity.
Kristy Stevens made the Lion, Koala, and Penguin from
Huggable Crochet
Rene Giacomazza made the Lab from
the Canine Crochet Collection
Clare Jackson from Perth, Western Australia made two
Kangaroos using the pattern from Huggable Crochet
PETA made this schnauzer using the pattern from my
Canine Crochet Collection.
Ruth made this Kangaroo and Koala using
patterns found in Huggable Crochet